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Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises
Tall Bearded irises are gorgeous, but equally as beautiful and a less well known are Standard Dwarf Bearded irises, a title abbreviated to ‘SDB’. These short irises grow to between 21 cm and 40 cm ...
4 min read
Siberian irises
They flower around the same time as bearded irises but the blooms are smaller. Some have delicate slim petals, more modern varieties have petals that are thicker and flare outwards. Often these pro...
6 min read
Lifting, Dividing & Planting Irises
If you have an iris that is too big, stopped flowering, or needs moving, in my opinion September is the best month to do this in the UK. This does not mean they cannot be lifted at any other time o...
3 min read
All About Peonies
Peonies produce some of the most glorious flowers amongst the large and varied world of perennials. The big, often blousey blooms come on a range of colours from white to yellow, pinks of all shade...
9 min read
Intersectional Peonies
Of the different types of peonies Intersectional Peonies are not only the most beautiful, they are the longest to bloom. The flowers and foliage are in perfect proportion to each other, taking on t...
9 min read
Peonies as Cut Flowers
Peonies make wonderful cut flowers. The blooms are large, soft, silky and romantic. They can be found in a range of soft colours, and a few brighter ones, making them ideal for weddings, as well as...
3 min read
About Herbaceous Peonies
Peonies are beautiful, long-lived and easy to grow once established. We sell three distinctive types of peonies, herbaceous, intersectional and the tree peony. The difference between tree peonies ...
9 min read
About Hybrid Peonies
Hybrid peonies produce some of the most stunning late spring flowers. Large, often single and cupped, the flowers come in a glorious array of colours ranging from bright poppy red to stunning lipst...
6 min read
How To Move & Divide Peonies
Peonies are perfect for busy people. Once planted they require almost no attention. Long-lived and extremely beautiful when in flower even the foliage is handsome. However there might be a time whe...
4 min read
A Guide To Choosing Perennials
I would say this wouldn't I, but perennials are essential to every garden, easy to grow and maintain, and provide months of colour, year-after-year. But with so many perennials to choose from selec...
8 min read
Growing & Caring For Perennial Plants
No flower border is complete without at least some herbaceous perennials. These are the non-woody plants that die right back in autumn and emerge again in spring. Some herbaceous perennials are eve...
7 min read
Looking after perennials
Perennials are extremely easy to look after in the garden. They require little attention for much for much of the year, but certain plants might need a little attention during the growing period. 
5 min read
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