Intermediate Bearded Irises

This group of delightful irises fills the flowering period and size gap between Dwarf Bearded and Tall Bearded irises. These are the most vigorous bearded irises blooming from late May to early June. The flower colours are less comprehensive to those of taller irises, but they are equally as rich, with lots of pure blues, whites and purples.They carry the flowers on strong stems well above a dense clump of leaves and because they grow quickly, produce more flowers than taller bearded irises.










Left to right: Iris 'Star in The Night', Iris 'Dazzling', Iris 'Fathom'

Where To Grow Intermediate Irises

Being shorter than their taller sisters, these are perfect for windy gardens. They also tend to be vigorous which means they can cope better with competition of surrounding plants, but like all bearded irises, they won't appreciate the rhizomes being shaded by other plants. This will stop them producing flowers so choose well-behave neighbours such as short, neatly mounding Hardy geraniums and Salvia.

Caring For Intermediate Irises

All bearded irises need to be divided every 3 to 4 years, these need to be split and replanted a little more often. Being strong growers I would suggest dividing every 2 to 3 years. You'll know when its time to do this by how big the clump is. The more leaves, the greater number of rhizomes. Once they start to crowd each other, its time to divide the clump.

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