About perennials

A Guide To Choosing Perennials
I would say this wouldn't I, but perennials are essential to every garden, easy to grow and maintain, and provide months of colour, year-after-year. But with so many perennials to choose from selec...
8 min read
Growing & Caring For Perennial Plants
No flower border is complete without at least some herbaceous perennials. These are the non-woody plants that die right back in autumn and emerge again in spring. Some herbaceous perennials are eve...
7 min read
Looking after perennials
Perennials are extremely easy to look after in the garden. They require little attention for much for much of the year, but certain plants might need a little attention during the growing period. 
5 min read
Perennials For Dry Soil
Rain is not a problem here in the Welsh Marches, can’t stop the stuff from coming down. But this has not been the case with all the places I have gardened on or grown nursery stock
6 min read
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