How To Grow Irises
Irises are beautiful, often flamboyant plants that are easy to grow given the right place. There are three types of irises; ones with beards, ones without beards and ones that grow from bulbs.
4 min read
About Bearded Irises
Bearded irises are the irises with large glamorous flowers that have a caterpillar of hairs on the falls (lower petals), and a large rhizome at the base of the leaves. All types of bearded irises h...
8 min read
Intermediate Bearded Irises
This group of delightful irises fills the flowering period and size gap between Dwarf Bearded and Tall Bearded irises...
2 min read
Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises
Tall Bearded irises are gorgeous, but equally as beautiful and a less well known are Standard Dwarf Bearded irises, a title abbreviated to ‘SDB’. These short irises grow to between 21 cm and 40 cm ...
4 min read
Siberian irises
They flower around the same time as bearded irises but the blooms are smaller. Some have delicate slim petals, more modern varieties have petals that are thicker and flare outwards. Often these pro...
6 min read
Lifting, Dividing & Planting Irises
If you have an iris that is too big, stopped flowering, or needs moving, in my opinion September is the best month to do this in the UK. This does not mean they cannot be lifted at any other time o...
3 min read
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