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All About Peonies
Peonies produce some of the most glorious flowers amongst the large and varied world of perennials. The big, often blousey blooms come on a range of colours from white to yellow, pinks of all shade...
9 min read
Among the loveliest border perennials, the distinctive, papery flowers look like small pin cushions.
8 min read
Intersectional Peonies
Of the different types of peonies Intersectional Peonies are not only the most beautiful, they are the longest to bloom. The flowers and foliage are in perfect proportion to each other, taking on t...
9 min read
These free-flowering, clump-forming plants can be divided into two groups: tall and upright with large, knob-like flowers or short and mounding with flat, wheel-like flowers.
4 min read
Hardy Geraniums
(Hardy geranium) Indispensable, easy to grow and often long-flowering, what more does any gardener want from a plant? We are, of course, talking about hardy geraniums as opposed to the brightly col...
12 min read
How To Create A Border
No flower border is complete without at least a few herbaceous perennials. The top growth of these non-woody plants dies right back in autumn and emerge again in spring. Some herbaceous perennials ...
8 min read
These stalwarts of the grand herbaceous border offer structure and well-defined height. Although there are many named varieties, most are expensive and difficult to obtain.
2 min read
About Our Plants & Ordering From Us
If you have any questions about buying from us such as do we grow in peat-free compost or when is the best time to order you might find the answers here.
8 min read
About Bearded Irises
Bearded irises are the irises with large glamorous flowers that have a caterpillar of hairs on the falls (lower petals), and a large rhizome at the base of the leaves. All types of bearded irises h...
8 min read
How To Grow Irises
Irises are beautiful, often flamboyant plants that are easy to grow given the right place. There are three types of irises; ones with beards, ones without beards and ones that grow from bulbs.
4 min read
Looking after perennials
Perennials are extremely easy to look after in the garden. They require little attention for much for much of the year, but certain plants might need a little attention during the growing period. 
5 min read
Salvias can be the most useful hardy plants to use in a border of mixed perennials. Loved by bees and all flying insects, they belong to a family more commonly known as Sage, to which the herb Rose...
7 min read
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