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About Bearded Irises
Bearded irises are the irises with large glamorous flowers that have a caterpillar of hairs on the falls (lower petals), and a large rhizome at the base of the leaves. All types of bearded irises h...
01 March •  5 min read
Best Perennials For Bees
Bees and Bumblebees are essential to the life of a plant, but sadly in recent years their numbers are on the decline. A world without the busy bee would not only leave our gardens bereft of sound a...
23 February •  8 min read
What do I do if the ground is frozen or too wet to plant?
If the ground is frozen, or very wet, simply put them outside because in the vast majority of cases...
16 February •  1 min read
What happens when I place my order?
When you place an order it goes into a pile with other orders. These are then collated into one ‘pulling’ list. We then go outside, onto the stock beds, and ‘pick’ the plants on the list ......
16 February •  1 min read
When is the best order to plants?
The majority of our perennials are grown in pots, which means they can be planted at any time of the year including winter and early spring. When you want to plant them is up to you as the plants ....
14 February •  0 min read
Potentillas (The Herbaceous Kind)
(Cinquefoil) Distinctly different to the popular shrubby potentillas, the flowers of herbaceous kinds (these are the none woody types) look very similar. Simple and pretty, unlike their shrubby cou...
21 January •  4 min read
Hardy and easy to grow, Pulmonarias have been grown in gardens for centuries and as a result have many common names. The most familiar is ‘Lungwort’ which refers to an old assumption that it was a ...
18 January •  6 min read
(Ice plant) Sedum, in my opinion, are amongst the most garden worthy perennials. I am referring to the big border types that tend to be the upright, not the little alpine sedums that form very shor...
15 January •  3 min read
Leaves Are Important
Think of plants with lovely leaves and most gardeners imagine trees, shrubs and fabulous autumn colour. Perennials are rarely considered yet many have beautiful leaves and this very important attri...
03 January •  6 min read
Do We Use Pesticides?
The answer is no, there is no need to and this includes neocotinoids.
16 February •  0 min read
What will the plants look like when they arrive?
In winter perennials are dormant which means that most plants will have no or very few leaves although....
16 February •  2 min read
What should I do when I get my perennials?
As soon as you get your plants open the box up and remove them from the packing. This stops them from 'sweating'. Depending on what time of year, and the weather conditions, this ...
12 February •  1 min read
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