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Irises are lifted between late summer and early autumn and sent as bare root plants in September and October.


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Why Buy Irises

Amongst the most colourful perennials, irises produce beautiful, large flowers on tall stems above sword-like leaves. While most like a well-drained soil in the sun, others will thrive in shady spots and wet soils. Irises have the most colourful and flamboyant flowers of all perennials. Ranging from white to almost black, every possible tone is available except red – a colour that does not exist in the iris family. The flowers are three-dimensional in structure with large, thick petals that are smooth or outrageously ruffled, and when planted in the garden, they always inject that ‘wow’ factor.

Given the right conditions, they are easy to grow summer blooming perennials, with variety for every possible garden site and situation. And that’s not all: with just a few plants, you can even have irises that flower every month of the year. Added to this, most bearded irises (see below) are scented and make a good cut flower.


The Different Types Of Irises

Bearded irises

Bearded irises are irises that have exactly what the title says, a beard. This is a strip of short 'hairs' on the lower petals. As the most popular iris perennials our customers buy online, these make lovely big clumps in a very well-drained soil in the sun. Bearded irises can grow from 15cm up to 120cm high. 

The earliest and shortest start to bloom in April, the latest June, but a very few – known as remontant bearded irises – can flower again from August until October. The leaves are particularly attractive. We sell five different types of these perennials online all grouped by height and flowering time. 

Spuria, Sibirica & Other Iries

A varied bunch of irises, none of these irises have beards. There are varieties and species that will grow in dry soil and wet soil, in full sun and light shade.   

Where Do Irises Grow

There are irises for all soil types; from dry to well-drained to wet. In addition, among the many types of irises while most require a sunny spot, there are some irises that will grow in shade.

We can supply bare root irises, giving you easy access to plant your iris in the right conditions.

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