Nasturtium majus 'Climbing Mix'

Nasturtium majus 'Climbing Mix'
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One of my earliest childhood gardening memories was sowing nasturtium seeds. They are so easy to germinate, and the flowers are so cheerful. This classic plant is covered with a continuous stream of flowers throughout the summer. Whether you grow it up an obelisk or allow it to tumble over a bank or wall this is a perfect, fail-proof plant for any age and skill of gardener. The flowers, in shades of yellow, orange and red, can also be eaten is salads! Approximately 30 seeds.
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Flower attributes

Colour: Yellow

Flowers: Autumn


Soil: Well-drained

Planting position: Sun

Height x spread: 200cm x 45cm


Suitable for cutting


Wildlife Friendly

Care advice

Sow outside during April and May. Simply push the seeds into the soil about 2cm deep.