These stalwarts of the grand herbaceous border offer structure and well-defined height. Although there are many named varieties, most are expensive and difficult to obtain. The varieties described here are raised from seed selected from the Pacific Hybrids Series of plants. They were raised decades ago in the USA, so colours may vary slightly. All bear flower spikes packed with disc-like blooms, which have buff or black centres known as ‘bees’ or ‘eyes’. The spikes tower above a mounding clump of delicately fingered, mid-green leaves.

Left to right: Delphinium 'Summer Skies', Delphinium 'Astolat', Delphinium 'Galahad', Delphinium 'Black Knight'

How To Grow Delphiniums

Delphiniums like a well-drained soil in sun. These big, free-flowering plants need a soil rich in nutrients to thrive and grow into the glamorous plants they should be.

Delphiniums Are Great for

They are great for the back of the border and for cutting

How To Care For Delphiniums

As an exception to the rule you each year you can apply manure or a well-balanced fertiliser to get the best results. The young leaves of Delphiniums are lush and soft, and loved by slugs therefore they should be protected from these hungry monsters. Leave the flower spikes to set seed before cutting the old stems off the plant. By this time, new shoots should be appearing.

Delphiniums Are Good with

other tall plants such as Aconitum, Alcea (Hollyhock) and Lupinus (Lupin)

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