(Daylilies) This easy-to-grow, extremely tolerant group of plants produces lots of colourful flowers and for those who are just venturing into gardening or have little time they require almost no attention once planted and are almost impossible to kill.

Left to right: Hemerocallis 'Summer Wine', Hemerocallis 'Elegant Candy', Hemerocallis 'Joan Senior', Hemerocallis 'Ed Murray'

Hemerocallis Flowers 

The flowers, which are often heavily scented, are produced in many colours ranging from near white to almost black. Yellow, red and orange flowers are by far the most common but there are purple and pink varieties, and others with two colours. The flowers can be quite small, about 30mm across, while others can stretch to 15cm across. All are carried in sprays on strong stems that can be slender or thick and sturdy. While a clump will produce lots of stems, each will produce usually just one flower a day for up to two months in high summer producing a long flowering clump.

Left to right: Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate', Hemerocallis 'Corky', Hemerocallis 'Grape Velvet', Hemerocallis 'Black Arrowhead'

The Hemerocallis Plant

At the base is a handsome clump of long, strappy, mid-green leaves that can arch gently over to provide excellent ground cover or may be upright. The leaves of some varieties of hemerocallis are just about evergreen, or to be techinically correct, they are semi-evergreen. 

Where To Grow Hemerocallis

Perfect for almost all areas of the garden Hemerocallis will grow along the edges of woodland, in soil that remains moist for much of the year as well as dry soils. As they will grow almost anywhere they are ideal for shady or sunny borders and can even be grown in large pots.


Left to right: Hemerocallis 'Lemon Bells', Hemerocallis 'Frank Smith', Hemerocallis 'Night Embers', Hemerocallis 'Pink Damask'

What To Grow With Hemerocallis 

Grow Hemerocallis with almost any plant that does not have leaves. If they do have similar leaves the whole effect will be lost, I suggest - amongst just a few - Hardy geraniums, Phlox and Peonies.

Left to right: Hemerocallis 'Beloved Returns', Hemerocallis 'Ed Murray', Hemerocallis 'Avant Garde', Hemerocallis 'Buddha'

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