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Acanthus (Bear's Breeches) Plant & Care Guide
(Bear's Breeches) Despite being a bit of thug, these stately plants add a touch of grandness to a border. Both varieties produce white flowers with two floppy lips that shelter under a shell-like p...
9 min read
The Complete guide to Achillea (Yarrow Plant)
(Yarrow) These colourful plants are incredibly useful for growing in borders with other perennials. They add a horizontal accent to the who layout of the border, breaking what might otherwise be a ...
10 min read
In recent years, some of the Latin names of these late summer and autumn blooming perennial have changed to the really hard to say name of Symphyotrichum, Galatella, etc. To most gardeners they are...
14 min read
Among the loveliest border perennials, the distinctive, papery flowers look like small pin cushions.
8 min read
(Elephant's ears) Mention to a gardener that you like Bergenia and you get a long, confused stare as though to say ‘what those boring things!’ But I really do like and respect these robust, immense...
7 min read
There are lots of types of Campanulas, all of which provide the border with a flowery, cottage feel. The other name for this variable bunch is Bellflower for the obvious reason as the flowers are b...
6 min read
These free-flowering, clump-forming plants can be divided into two groups: tall and upright with large, knob-like flowers or short and mounding with flat, wheel-like flowers.
4 min read
These stalwarts of the grand herbaceous border offer structure and well-defined height. Although there are many named varieties, most are expensive and difficult to obtain.
2 min read
Put Echinacea (Coneflower) into Google; and the few first pages list the plant's medical properties. But there is more to an Echinacea than a pill or powder.
8 min read
Echinops, or Globe Thistles, are one of those plants that you either know or you don’t. Popular with gardeners who have space and big, deep herbaceous borders, they tend to be ignored by those who ...
2 min read
It’s difficult to say why, but I always feel a touch of joy when I spot an epimedium. These delightful spring flowering plants with delicate flowers and handsome leaves are neither glamorous nor sh...
4 min read
Geums are colourful, cheerful and easy-to-grow. The flowers remind me of the strawberry plant; pretty and simply shaped, some produce dangling cup-shaped bells while others raise their heads revea...
5 min read
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