Peonies are the most glamorous of perennials with big, beautiful, often scented flowers that are good for cutting.

Of all the perennials we can grow in our gardens peonies must be some of the most glamorous. The big flowers are often blowsy, sometimes simply shaped are carried on long stems above a clump of handsome, deeply divided leaves that turn lovely shades of red in autumn. All the peonies we sell are herbaceous (die back in autumn). They are easy to grow once established, needing very little attention, and very long lived.
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Intersectional Peonies

Of the different types of peonies Intersectional Peonies are not only the most beautiful, they are the longest to bloom. The flowers and foliage are in perfect proportion to each other, taking on the best characteristics of its parents, the tree (woody) and herbaceous peony.


Hybrid Peonies

Hybrid peonies produce some of the most stunning late spring flowers. Large, often single and cupped, the flowers come in a glorious array of colours ranging from bright poppy red to stunning lipstick pink, and softest pink to purest white. They are hardy, don’t suffer from any diseases, easy to grow and long lived.