Tricyrtis 'Raspberry Mouse'

(Toad lily)
Tricyrtis 'Raspberry Mouse'
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The small, upward-facing, bell shaped flowers have maroon petals that become spotted as the flower ages. In the centre is an intriguing arrangement of stamens that look just like the blades on top of a helicopter. The flowers open in sprays along arching stems with mid-green leaves that turn yellow as the nights get chillier.
9cm (£5.50)?
Delivered in 7-10 days
£5.50  each

Flower attributes

Colour: Red

Flowers: September and October


Soil: Well-drained to wet

Planting position: Part shade/Full Shade

Height x spread: 60cm x 60cm


Care advice

Easy to grow in a humus rich soil. Won't appreciate being crowded by other plants.