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Pulmonaria saccharata 'Dora Bielefeld'

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Dora Bielefeld'
  • Pulmonaria-dora-bielefield
Sprays of baby pink funnel shaped flowers sit on top of short, sturdy stems above a rosette of oval pointed, mid-green leaves that are prettily speckled with silver spots. Lovely for adding early spring colour to a shady spot. Perfect for early emerging solitary bees.
9cm (£4.95)?
Delivered in Approx. 2 and a half weeks
£4.95  each OR £13.95 for three

Flower attributes

Colour: Pink

Flowers: March and April


Soil: Well-drained

Planting position: Part shade/Full Shade

Height x spread: 40cm x 50cm


Wildlife Friendly

Care advice

Easy to grow in a soil that does not dry out entirely.