Claire Austin's Book of Perennials

Claire Austin's Book of Perennials
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Awarded 'REFERENCE BOOK OF THE YEAR' for 2015 by The Garden Media Guild • This is a personal selection of reliable hardy perennials for every gardener – the expert as well as the beginner • Over 900 superb photographs of combinations shot by Claire in her nursery and gardens, illustrating how to put perennials together • Expert practical advice – from a hands-on, experienced grower – on choosing, siting and caring for hardy perennials • Descriptions of over 800 reliable perennials with close-up photographs and full cultivation information • Special, beautifully illustrated sections on irises and peonies, showcasing Claire’s extensive collections • Recommendations on which perennials are best for attracting bees and butterflies and for cutting • 192 pages • 210mm x 280mm. PRICES INCLUDE PACKING AND CARRIAGE TO AREAS WITHIN THE UK ONLY
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