What happens when I place my order?

When you place an order it goes into a pile with other orders. These are then collated into one ‘pulling’ list. We then go outside, onto the stock beds, and ‘pick’ the plants on the list from the locations allocated.

Packing your order

The plants from this pile of orders (which includes yours) is then brought into the packing shed, tidied up and the individual orders are put into a tray with a packing list of what you have ordered. One of our packers will then look over the order, check its okay (again), and put the plants into a blister pack, or wrap it in cardboard depending on big it is. These are then put the plants in a cardboard box with the final dispatch note. Finally the box is sealed and collected by our couriers.

How long will it take to get my order

As it takes a day or two to assemble and prepare the order for packing so we always say orders will arrive with you within 7 to 10 working days. In actual fact orders often arrive earlier, but with the vagaries of weather and any possible mishaps during transport we like to hedge our bets!